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I’m a  mezzo soprano in pursuit of beauty and the magic of life. I love beauty in all its forms - I adore poetry and literature, and I think music has a special ability to tell stories that might already be great in a verbal form alone, but become a narrative that people can not only hear but become immersed in and feel. I seek beauty in everything - I’m big on nature, cooking good food, watching good films, traveling, expressing beauty in clothing and my home (I think creating order in my chaotic life is something I consider a form of creating beauty).

I am drawn to performing because I’m drawn to beautiful things for their own sake, because I’m drawn to telling stories that express something about life or humanity, because I’m interested in finding meaning in human experience, because I’m drawn to finding wholeness and one-ness in the variety of different human experiences that have been lived and are being lived, because I think music is a unique vehicle to make a direct difference in the lives of individuals because it is immersive.


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